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Earn Money as a Motorhome Rental Host

Invite guests to holiday in your motorhome by listing your vehicle for rental. Simply follow our ready-made booking platform to start earning extra income.

Find Out How Much You Can Earn

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1. Sign up for free. Your profile will act as a hub to manage your rentals.


Build a Motorhome Profile

Build a profile

Set your prices, write a description and upload photographs of your motorhome to let guests know what to expect.

Manage Your Hires

You determine where and when your motorhome travels with complete hire control.

You Have Our Support

We are always here to discuss your motorhome, give advice and talk you through the whole process.



2. Guests will find your motorhome and reserve it online.


Build a Motorhome Profile

Accept or reject reservations via text or email

Talk to your guests via email or telephone

Get to know your guests and discuss your plans in advance


3. Hand over your motorhome.


Build a Motorhome Profile

Prepare your vehicle in advance.- Make sure it is clean and ready for hire.

When your guest arrives, go through with them how to operate the motorhome. For best results, just follow our step-by-step guide (provided when you sign up)

Point out existing damages – Simply compare the condition of the motorhome at the end of the trip to the beginning. If there is any difference, the customer will have to pay for the reparations from their Rental Security Deposit.


It's that easy.




Also good to know...


  How guests pay for the hire

Motorhome Rental Group handles all payments for you, from the insurance through to the Rental Security Deposit. We will liaise with your guest and make sure that all financial matters are in place prior to the beginning of the hire. The only payments that we do not organise are the optional extras you may wish to offer, such as bedding or sat-nav hire.


  How you get paid for the hire

As soon as the motorhome has been returned, simply log in and confirm the hire as completed. The hire fee will be processed to your bank account immediately.


   How your motorhome is valued

We base the daily rate of a hire on the retail value of your motorhome. This allows the guest to make a value-judgement for their trip. Older vehicles will obviously have more wear and tear and may be less reliable, while newer, more luxurious motorhomes will cost more per day.


   We do the complicated stuff

Hundreds of owners across the UK use our unique system to safely and easily earn money from their vehicles. Let us deal with the licence checks, paperwork, payments, insurance, vetting of guests and taking security deposits. All you need to do is hand over the motorhome on the pick-up date, and then take it back on the return date. Simple.





Still have questions?


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