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Earn Money as a Motorhome Rental Host

Invite guests to holiday in your motorhome by listing your vehicle for rental. Simply follow our ready-made booking platform to start earning extra income.

Find Out How Much You Can Earn

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How it works


Our free, ready-made advertising and booking management platform allows you to host your own rental business and earn income from your motorhome.


Whether you have your own private vehicle or operate a fleet of motorhomes, the Motorhome Rental Group system is tailored to all owners needs.


We will deal with all of the paperwork, processing of payments, setting up insurance and performing authority checks on the drivers, leaving you to get on with hiring your motorhome while we take care of the background stuff.



All you will need to start earning is a motorhome or campervan - and thats it!

We are the only service in the country that includes everything you need to start earning. From insurance to payment gateways, we do all of the boring stuff in one complete service.



1. Sign up to host.

It's free to join! Find out how popular your motorhome is and start earning today. 


Build a Motorhome Profile

Build Your Advert

Complete your profiule and upload photographs of your motorhome.

Manage Your Rentals

Determine when & where your motorhome travels and respond to reservation requests.

You Have Our Support

We arrange the insurance; retain a security deposit from your guest and generate the paperwork for the hire.



2. Greet your guests.

Prepare the vehicle for rental, greet your guests & introduce them to your motorhome.



Contact your guests to arrange a convenient collection and return time together.

Build a Motorhome Profile

Preparing For Rentals

Print the paperwork in advance of the hire and clean the motorhome inside and out.

You'll be supplied with helpful guides to assist you with the handover and return procedures.

The Handover

Teach your guests how to use the vehicle and sign the paperwork together.




3. On return.

 The final stage of the process.


Vehicle Inspection

Inspect the vehicle and sign off the paperwork to close the rental with your guest.

Rental Review

Your guests can leave feedback about your service and the motorhome. Reviews get posted on your advert for other hirers to read.

Rental Payment

Log into your profile to mark the safe return of your vehicle and we will automatically transfer the payment straight to you.




Still have questions?


Take a look at the FAQ's below, or alternatively give us a call on 0845 0177471 to speak to one of our team.

For more reading material, please visit our comprehensive resource center.



Also good to know...


How easy is it to join Motorhome Group?

Very! Once you decide to come on board, Motorhome Group creates a member profile for your motorhome. Your member profile is the back end of the hire advert; you will need to fill in all of the required information on the profile before the advert can go live.

However, the member profile only takes about 10 minutes to complete, so the advert could be up and running on the same day you join!


What happens if my vehicle gets damaged whilst out on hire?

Motorhome Group covers your vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance each time it goes out on hire. This insurance will not interfere with your own insurance policy.

We also take a security deposit of £1,200 from the customer before the motorhome is collected.

All repair costs will be covered in the unlikely event of damage.


If I join Motorhome Group, how often will I be allowed to use the vehicle myself?

You can use your vehicle whenever you wish, all that we require is for you to block off any unavailable dates on your member profile.

By regularly updating your availability calendar, this will prevent us from double booking you in the times of the year that you are unable to rent.


How do I hand over my motorhome?

Motorhome Group will post you a step-by-step checklist; the checklist covers everything from ‘how to sign the rental agreement’ to ‘how to operate the oven/hob’.

You will get the hang of it after a few hires!


What do I need to supply my motorhome with?

Before you handover your motorhome to a hirer, the vehicle must be supplied with; cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, an outdoor chair and table set and two propane gas bottles.

One gas bottle can be partially used; the spare needs to be full.


Can I limit who uses my motorhome and where it gets taken?

Yes, just let Motorhome Group know your preferences. For example, you can prevent your vehicle from going to festivals, travelling in Europe or Ireland or allowing hirers who want to take pets in the vehicle.

Motorhome Group does not allow large same-gender groups, or anyone under the age of 25. All hirers are vetted to ensure they are capable and responsible enough to be trusted with the motorhome.



How does Motorhome Group decide how much to charge for a booking?

Obviously, we cannot visit every member to evaluate their vehicles, so we base the hire charge on the retail value of the motorhome.

As part of setting up your profile, we ask you how much your vehicle would sell for if you were to put it on the market.

We will then place your motorhome into a suitable price category.


I have my own Self Drive Hire policy; can I still advertise my motorhome on the Motorhome Group website?

Yes, though our website automatically adds insurance to the customers hire fee, we can pay you back a daily insurance rate so that you can use your own Self Drive Hire policy.

You would get back £30.00 per hire night.